A body balm so yummy, I almost ate it!

Lainey loves life - papaya pineapple Pevonia organic skincare

skin food for today: Pevonia’s De-aging Body Balm in Papaya-Pineapple

When I’m not mixing my own skincare, I’m using brands that I trust and most of the brands I truly love are organic. Choosing organic was a conscious choice and I’m so proud to have switched to healthier options. Some of the products I currently use are Human Nature from Philippines, Jason (vegan brand), McEvoy Ranch from California, Spice Island from Sri Lanka, Phytomer and L’Occitane from France and Swiss-formulated spa brand Pevonia Botanica.

Today I’d like to share with you a product so divine, I really think it’s worth a page of raves.

The Pevonia Papaya-Pineapple De-aging Body Balm is so rich and creamy, you’ll surely want to slather this on your skin day and night. Unlike a regular lotion, a body balm is thicker (I’ve tried a few) but this one from Pevonia is so smooth and easily absorbed by the skin, you won’t feel like you’re in a sauna (that’s the feeling I get when trying others).

It has shea butter too which keeps skin elastic so I believe in its  promise that it’s “de-aging. Anti-aging products prevent wrinkles and stretchmarks whereas de-aging products repair and tone.

Lainey loves life - papaya pineapple

Here’s a tip I learned from professional therapists:

After a warm bath, a scrub, or a massage, apply a thin coat of this balm all over your body (not on  your face though, this is too thick to be used on the face) and cover yourself with plastic wrap for a few minutes to allow your skin to fully absorb the cream. I often do this after a foot and leg scrub. If the spa I’m going to doesn’t offer Pevonia treatments, I bring this with me and ask them to apply it and give the therapist a tip for the extra mile.

I highly recommended this for pregnant women. Trust me, the Papaya-Pineapple scent is so divine and the nighmares about stretchmarks will surely be gone because this will give you a good night’s sleep. 🙂

P.S. Pevonia Botanica organic skincare is a Swiss-formulated spa brand available worldwide. I got mine from Australia.

Lainey loves life - papaya pineapple tropical shake

afternoon drink: papaya-pineapple tropical shake ❤︎

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