Rainy Days in Manila

Hello from rainy Manila! Our days are sandwiched with typhoons and everyone’s body system is completely confused. Mornings start with heavy rain, afternoons are humid, and evenings end with rain and thunderstorms.

I used to brave Manila’s heavily jammed roads to work, traveling approximately 66 kilometers (minimum of 4 hr travel time) back and forth every single day. I remember being stranded in the city many times due to heavy rain and I’d pick a place to go to, just so I can charge my mobile phone and enjoy delicious food while waiting for the rain to stop. Chateau 1771 is a place in Greenbelt 5 I love visiting.

These are some of the photos I took before I ate them all. I can’t remember the exact name of these yummy food and desserts because I took this some time ago.. just putting them here to make you feel hungry! haha

Lainey Loves Life -  chateau 1771 organic chicken

Organic chicken with steamed asparagus and carrots

Lainey Loves Life - chateau 1771 - guilt free chocolate brownies

Sugar-free Coffee Pie

Lainey Loves LIfe - chateau 1771

Triple Chocolate Mousse

People who know me well always say I’m in love with the art of plating food. Who wouldn’t be? I love collecting tableware and that’s quite similar to loving food art! I eat happily when my food is served like an art and we strive do it even at home. ❤︎

If you are into collecting table accessories, please say hi! I’d love to be your friend and see your wares!

Let’s be friends!
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