We are all beautiful

This hard hitting video is a must-see.

Em Ford, a 27 year old model and beauty blogger behind mypaleskin, started taking ‘no makeup’ selfies three months ago and uploaded them on her social media accounts. The comments she received were horrendous, I don’t even want to use the video hashtag.

You are beautiful
Don’t let anyone tell you differently
Not even yourself

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9 thoughts on “We are all beautiful

  1. Jessica Leeman says:

    I loved this video, she’s amazing..so beautiful! she’s inspiring – I can’t believe (well actually I can…sadly) how awful people are 😦 breaks my heart to see people hurting from people’s nasty words

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  2. Sharon Lee says:

    Such an inspiring video for all the girls out there! Feel so heart breaking when I see her tears. The message is really important and inspire me. It is so important to stand firm on our own decision no matter what we do, because that’s represent who we are. If we just follow what other ppl tell us what we need to do, soon we will lost our ownself. It is better to have your own personalities and be confident of what you are doing.

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  3. Daniela Reyes says:

    I literally saw this video yesterday, and at the end of it, I started to laugh because you can see how difficult and hard is to please society, no matter what you do, they are always going to judge you and that’s it, society will never change and they never gonna let you be what you want, but keep in mind that this is your life, and you are the one who decides your own happiness, don’t let others who are bored with their life f*ck your day. Tell them to f*ck off.

    And that’s my opinion about the video, haha.

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    • laineyloveslife says:

      Thanks for sharing your view on this, Daniella. Some people just love giving labels like “makeup freak” blah blah.. We all have our reasons and for whatever it’s worth, we are doing what we want for our own pleasure.
      It’s like – MY BLOG, MY RULES. you don’t tell me what to put and what not to put in here. When we visit someone else’s home, we are expected to respect that home. And when people visit us, we want to be given the same respect.

      Gosh we’re ranting! This video is a really good one! Thanks again for dropping by hun! x


  4. Sophie Jane says:

    Aww what an inspirational video! As long as you’re in social media, everyone becomes a keyboard warrior and says hurtful things because they can get away with it behind a computer screen but at the end of the day all that matters is you and as long as you are comfortable in your own skin, who gives a toss about everyone else?!

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    • laineyloveslife says:

      That’s right! Her blog, her rules! If you don’t like what you see, then just go.. She’s really talented and not many people have the confidence to face the camera for a live video (I personally haven’t gotten that much confidence myself). Love this short clip. It says a lot about how we should respect, love and learn how to appreciate one another. Thanks Sophie! x

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