I’m your mom, forever.

It was an exciting event that I’ll never forget. I’m remembering the day I saw my baby’s face on a screen inside the hospital room…

My baby smiled when I said, “Hello baby…”

Lainey loves life - Your mom forever

I love you. I’m your mom forever… your angel here on Earth. ❤︎

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21 thoughts on “I’m your mom, forever.

  1. Janice says:

    Awww, this is so sweet. Makes me reminisce about my three successful pregnancies and two miscarriages. Pregnancy is really something else, isn’t it? There’s no experience in the world quite like it.

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  2. ivy says:

    very sweet of you mommy Lainey. When my daughter was still in my womb I would always imagine how she would look when she goes out already. I remembered how happy I was seeing her during my ultrasound.

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  3. jErELLt says:

    After battling infertility for 4 years and losing one of our twins, can you imagine how happy I was the first time I saw the “human form” of our little girl? My initial reaction was, “How did you fit inside me?!” Hahaha! I’m actually excited for our scheduled 4D ultrasound! 🙂


  4. Patrick says:

    You have a person growing in you and this person is something that you created! It is mindblowing to think that you can feel baby’s movements and can make baby happy just by singing or humming lightly so baby can dance in your belly. 😉

    Enjoy this time with baby because as each day passes you and baby get to know each other more. As a mother you are truly connected with baby in a special way, forming a bond between mother and baby which is unbreakable.

    Your post made me think of a cute book called “I love you forever” which is wonderful to read and sing. It’s about a mother who sings to her baby through his life a song every night before bed.

    Lovely post!!

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    • laineyloveslife says:

      Oh Patrick you are so sweet! Thank you for this message. 😘 Yes, baby smiled when I said “Hello baby..” the doctor said my baby’s responding to my voice. What an amazing thing to see!

      I googled I Love You Forever 🙂 I’ll read it! Thank you so much for sharing about the book. ❤︎


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