My baby is a Brit! 😊

I’m joking! I’m Filipino. I like biscuits but I like them even more now that I’m pregnant. Most days I can’t eat and all I fancy are these tiny, yummy cookies. I often to go to Marks & Spencer to get organic chocolates and jars of pesto but in my last visit, I hoarded cans of these tasty, little beauties…

My baby’s afternoon snack – Banana chocolate smoothie (I know this isn’t ideal, but please don’t judge me, mum has to eat), M&S biscuits (again, the packaging got me but the biscuits are crème de la crème), and a tiramisu cup which isn’t too sweet.

The third can is a special edition one in honor of Prince George. That’s a great idea for a giveaway! Maybe I should design a can top, have it printed, and I’ll also pick the biscuits to go inside. ❤︎

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