Sticky Turkish Ice Cream

This video was taken in February when I visited Singapore again, my home for three years. ❤︎ The Turkish Ice Cream man always amuses tourists with his surprises because each sale is a show and each show has a different stunt. (proof: video thumbnail) I met my friends Dahlia and Rena at Clarke Quay for dinner then walked around so when we saw his booth, I felt giddy! I bought that $5 sticky Turkish ice cream just for laughs! If you’re fuzzy like me, you’ll be relieved to know that he changes the cone to a new one before each customer leaves.😄

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4 thoughts on “Sticky Turkish Ice Cream

  1. Patrick says:

    Where do I begin? I love the cute black and white with reel sounds and 1920s music! So cute and creative!!!

    Turkish ice cream sounds interesting and tasty and it’s nice that the man has a wonderful sense of humor!

    It’s nice to see your face….laughing and having a blast!

    Cute video Lainey!

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    • laineyloveslife says:

      Thanks Patrick! 😊 when my bf saw the clip, he said “that laugh was heartfelt!” The guy’s really good and when my family went to visit me years ago, I brought them there too. With the woman next to me, I think he threw the ice cream and caught it in mid-air with his metal ice cream shaver. I like making videos.. Maybe I should share the ones that I have and create more 😊

      You have amazing photos! You should have a photo blog!


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