Afternoon Tea

Hi everyone! I just want to share with you how I’m spending my afternoon tea time. ❤︎ My sisters and I ate all the biscuits and I’m keeping the can because it’s sooooo pretty! I placed my tea in a jar sealed with a rubber ring to keep it fresh and clean. If you’re wondering what the flowers are, the white one is called Arctic Snow or White Angel flower. It grows easily in tropical countries like ours and is always in bloom no matter what time of the year. The bright red Euphorbia below is always charming. This is just one of more than 10 small Euphorbia pots I gave mom in 2008.

How do you spend your afternoons?
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6 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea

  1. lavenderberet says:

    Gorgeous photos of your afternoon tea experience! I usually drink tea in the morning at home or afternoon when out and about! In the US we dibt really eat biscuits though I think they do in London. I do love those light cookies, oops biscuits, to dip in my tea sometimes!!!

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  2. Rustic beauty says:

    Delightful presentation
    Not a tea drinker myself, wouldn’t mind a bourbon biscuit , or 2 or 4 😄.
    Euphorbia , a hardy, thorny plant with lovely flowers, have it growing in my garden.
    My summer afternoons are usually spent with kids , cushion fighting, baking cupcakes , drawing or playing catch.

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