We Are Mothers

laineyloveslife-mother-and-boy-walking-on-the-beach-1I enjoyed reading this piece. I haven’t even given birth yet but I’m already preparing myself for what’s about to come. It’s going to be a busy, sometimes crazy, but often very happy mommy life. ❤︎

Through it all, we will be there. Motherhood has no finish line.The days we endure with our children now, as insignificant as they seem, are the building blocks of their lives. Today’s struggles become tomorrow’s memories.Even when we are gone, our sons and daughters will long for us, just as we will long for our mothers. Our children will cling tightly to every memory they have of us. They will find comfort in looking at their hands and knowing, These are my mother’s hands.We will always be our child’s safest place. We are mothers.

The entire text is great! Full text here > We Are Mothers.


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