Bright Eyes: ELES Cosmetics Signature Quad


When it comes to makeup, I always want to keep things simple. I was a late bloomer. My only beauty wand while I was in college was a concealer because it made me look less tired after pulling an all-nighter.

And then little miss sunshine had to learn how to wear makeup for work. Let’s be honest here.. In the field of marketing, we always have to look presentable, even when the weather is torrid or when it’s raining cats and dogs. It stressed me out because I had to wake up an hour and a half earlier for makeup (1hr to think of the look and colours / 30mins for application).

Some girls would buy pans and pans of eyeshadow and effortlessly know what colours go well. I admit I don’t have the eye for great colour combinations and I’ll only dare to buy single pans in two conditions: (1) if it was recommended by my favourite magazine and (2) if the brand and exact shades were given.

Thank God for quads! I love them because they’re easier to use on days when I’m in a hurry (or lazy). These days, I don’t have to think of what colours go well together anymore because I have three Signature Quads from ELES Cosmetics. It’s an Australian mineral makeup brand that has a great collection of beauty products for sensitive skin.

I love mineral makeup for the chemical-free sunblock it provides. My skin is sensitive so I always try to look for products that are hypo-allergenic and free of skin irritants. My skin loves it. I don’t get huge zits after letting it stay on my face for one whole day. 🙂


ELES Signature Quad – Debutante


ELES Signature Quad – Nouveau Riche

**I took these photos in natural daylight so the quad colours are a bit vivid. The swatch on my fingers are more accurate.

These babies are highly pigmented so I don’t usually have to put a lot. If I apply eyeshadow in the morning, the next retouch will be before I leave the office for dinner. Sometimes, I don’t even have to retouch at all.

My ELES Signature Eyeshadow Quads: Naturalist, Noveau Riche, Debutante


**This brand updates its collection often and creates its own seasonal makeup trend. If you check the ELES website, you’ll see Nouveau Riche plus new quads with really gorgeous shades.

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