Japanese for a night


At Hanamaruken: Drunk Man Rice Bowl for me and Pot Belly Ramen for my cousin Karlo, plus a generous plate of Gyoza which is everyone’s favourite


At Hanamaruken: Drunk Man Rice Bowl (Kakuni and 2 fried eggs on rice)

Hooray! 🙂 My cousin Karlo and I haven’t seen each other for months and after so many failed attempts, we finally met for dinner. We were Japs for a night. 🙂 Preggo cravings, SATISFIED! ✽⦦✽

Japanese restaurants have extensively rebranched here in the Philippines some five or seven years ago and now that there are so many, I can’t even pick a place to go to! Some love ramen, some go for sushi and maki, and there are some like me who love katsu and rice bowls! 🙂

Hanamaruken, famous for their “Happiness” ramen which originated in Osaka, Japan also offers rice bowls and gyoza and we were able to order the faves that we craved. The other good Japanese restos in the area offered either just ramen or katsu so Hanamaruken was a great pick! The last time I went here, I tried their signature Happiness Rice Bowl while my friend had the Happiness Ramen so this time I picked another recommended item on the menu. I thought I won’t be able to finish my bowl of kakuni (Japanese braised pork belly) but I did even before he finished his ramen because it was so yummy, I ate it really fast! I skipped the rice tea though because I wasn’t sure if it has caffeine (you know how much I love tea!).

To sum it all up, it was a great dinner. Karlo and I really enjoyed the generous and tasty serving. I’d say they serve happiness in EVERY bowl. It’s savoury, scrumptious, and very pleasant to the palate, we didn’t even need condiments. 🙂

My papa has been working with Japanese mariners even before I was born and he always brings home lots of soup powders, dried seaweed, and condiments. We even sometimes eat on Japanese plates! My family loves ramen but I always opt for dry or creamy savoury dishes. I just want to show you what flavours I’ve been introducing to the little bub inside my tummy. I also enjoyed chili garlic paste freshly made by a friend of mine. Chili lovers, I’ll blog about it soon!


Thanks to everyone who have been sending me comments and likes these past three days. I was busy working on a few things – presentation and event collaterals for a product launch in the Philippines, a lead generation activity for a client in UK, a social media content for a client in the US, and a full birthday collateral design for a friend’s daughter who loves FROZEN!

I was sad last weekend because I had to cancel the gender reveal arvo snack. My love got sick so we’ll be rescheduling it when he gets better. I can’t wait to know my baby’s gender! ❤︎

Also, massive thanks to my new friends who have been tagging me to do the awards. I think I got 3 in my drafts now and I’ll be doing these asap, now that my plate is empty!

I’m back! 😜

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