FROZEN – DIY Birthday

Hi moms! I just want to share with you my friend Beth‘s DIY birthday for her daughter. I’m so proud of her for pulling off a great party. It’s been rainy here in Manila so they had to move the party indoors but it still turned out amazing!

Another friend of ours, Ludi, baked the sweet treats while I helped with the invitation, paper buntings, cupcake toppers and food labels and stickers. I’m so proud of my friend for being so patient. Cutting all those labels and food markers consumed so much of her time and energy but of course, mommies don’t complain especially if they’re doing something their children will love!

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10 thoughts on “FROZEN – DIY Birthday

  1. Neri Ann says:

    I really loved everything that is DIY especially if its for our sons/daughter. Great DIY here. Though it is a bit stressful to do everything, the feeling of fulfillment is unexplainable. A certified DIY mom here. 🙂


    • laineyloveslife says:

      It’s all over the web so it’s okay to take the design for personal use. I did the layout on A4 (with exact measurement) and my friend had the layout printed. 🙂 But of course we can’t reproduce it or sell the designs or layout. 🙂

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