This is how I combat stretchmarks!

Laineyloveslife - stretchmark-skincare

Say hello to my bulging tummy! 🙂

My baby bump is getting bigger! I can’t even button my shorts anymore. 

Before I got pregnant, I have already been using three of the products above.

When it’s cold outside, I use my Spice Island passion fruit body butter from Sri Lanka. It’s thicker than lotion so I only wear this during the rainy days.

I always want to travel light so I always have with me travel sizes of L’Occitane lotions. My current love is their Verbena collection for its citrusy scent (and yes, I picked this because I have a love/hate relationship with the Salvatore brothers of TVD).

I use Pevonia De-aging Body Balm every after having a body scrub at my favourite spa. The Papaya-Pineapple scent is so glorious, I don’t even want to finish this jar. 🙂 Notice that the label says de-aging. Learn the difference between anti-aging and de-aging skincare in this post.

The latest addition to my army against stretchmarks is Palmer’s Massage Lotion. It was gifted to me by my friend/classmate Mai. The mild cocoa scent smells divine and the texture is just perfect! It’s especially formulated for pregnant women so I trust that this thing works! I hope it does because I won’t really know until after I’ve popped the baby and recovered.

Have you tried Palmer’s massage lotion? If yes, did it work for you?
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4 thoughts on “This is how I combat stretchmarks!

  1. thefolia says:

    I used cacao butter still do. I bought the actually block and simply massage on, the butter melts into your skin. Congratulations, here is one book you must read, Back Labor No More by Janie McCoy King. You must do the lift I did it for 2 out of the three kiddos and it works instantly…so be in the place you want to be for giving birth first.

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