Feel Good Mornings!

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Hi everyone. I’ve been exhausted lately and although most days I’d rather keep it to myself, I’m sharing it to you this time because I found a free therapy.

Being pregnant makes me sleepy all the time. I doze off every after a few hours no matter how well I set my mind to work mode. It must be the baby yawning inside that contagiously pulls me back to bed and believe me, I cannot not sleep when I feel like closing my eyes. It’s just impossible! (Hello, pregnancy hormones!)

Two things: bird feeding and makeup shopping.These keep me up like a giddy pre-schooler!

I find peace watching my brother’s love birds in the mornings. When I look at them I feel like we’re having a meeting. There’s a connection of some sort.  I feel so wonderful just looking at them.

This afternoon, my friend asked me to go to the mall with her to help her buy the perfect makeup base and I felt nothing but pure happiness the moment I stepped in. Makeup wonderland is such a happy place, I can live there. I love long walks to the makeup aisle! lol

Shyla wanted to keep it simple because she has some other stuff at home like moisturiser, brushes, and lippies. I’m going to give her blush tomorrow. 😍 We shopped for the right foundation, concealer and powder for her skin tone at MAC Cosmetics. If I pick the latter as my therapy, I might go broke by the time I’m about to pop my baby so I guess I’ll have to schedule my trips to the mall. Bird feeding is so much cheaper! haha

What do you do to relieve you of stress?
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27 thoughts on “Feel Good Mornings!

    • laineyloveslife says:

      $20/hour is cheap in the US. 😀
      Troy won’t let me have a nanny! It’s so weird.
      My siblings and I grew up with “yaya” and we still have her now at home but all she does these days is cook because my youngest sister is already in college.
      Troy, on the other hand, grew up in a farm in Australia and it was just his mom who took care of them (he has 3 brothers and a sister) and he believes we shouldn’t let anybody else take care of our baby…

      Pffft. Again, I’ll have two jobs – full time mom/full time nanny. And if I want to start the business I want, I’ll have to do that during my spare time or while breastfeeding. lol

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      • missmaisieandme says:

        dude- NO NO NO grrrrrrrrr

        TWO different cultures and support systems- a nanny doesn’t ‘raise’ the kid- she helps you get stuff done!

        omg, this is totally unreasonable of him.

        1. WHO is going to babysit when you go out?

        2. HOW do you expect to work with no help?

        3. HOW will you get your house tidy with no yaya? YOU WILL BE SLEEPING mostly- who will TAKE CARE OF YOU?!

        For him to apply his mom’s life to yours, in my opinion, is ludicrous.

        Granted- *I* ran a business online many years ago with no help and three children (all boys under 10- one was shoved under my shirt as I sat on the computer- breastfeeding). My house was a WRECK. I was STRESSED. I yelled a lot.

        It could have been avoided if I had help.

        Does he live with you? If so, a few weeks of screaming baby might help your cause hahaha.

        I GREW UP ON A FARM in Michigan with a filipino mother who had a yaya and maids and didn’t know how to raise us nor clean the house. She also was a business woman and worked- and was VERY STRESSED OUT.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Lainey! I really like reading your blog so I have nominated you for The Beauty Blogger Award! I don’t know if you’ve already done it, but if you have don’t feel like you have to do it again. Here’s the information: http://www.inbeautweener.com/?p=537 .

    I have an obsession with MAC. I seriously love every one of their products. My favorite is their Pro Longwear concealer. I have never tried the foundation, but it is on my wish list!


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