A Dash of Green and Gold

The Christmas season is coming and there’s sale everywhere! One lovely afternoon, I took a quick trip to the pharmacy to buy vitamins. I wasn’t feeling well but my eyes lit up when I saw these small eyeshadow compacts. The saleslady smiled at me so I asked her which brand are the shadows from. It’s from Korean brand Shawill Cosmetics.

I’ve tried several Korean brands like Tony Moly, Etude House, The Face Shop, and Skin Food. I haven’t tried Shawill before and because I love the colours, I thought I should get one of each. Lucky me, these are on sale not because they’re expiring but because they’re changing the packaging. You have no idea how much I got these for! 😍 Scroll down if you want to find out…


I love green eyeshadow and gold is something I’d like to try this Christmas!

I bought each for ₱27 or $0.50 (£ 0.33), total of $1 for the two eyeshadow compacts. I thought the saleslady was playing a joke on me so I checked the expiry date. ☺️

The colours look solid when dry so I know these will even be more vivid when applied with wet brush. I’ll go back to buy more within the week!

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