Nayangu: 100% Organic Personal Care Products

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New Discovery: Nayangu personal care products are certified 100% organic, Halal, fair trade, and cruelty-free.

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While Mother Nature has a cure for almost everything, we can’t just pick leaves from our garden and customize our own skincare. I came from a traditional family and grew up with a lola (grandma) at home so I know well what it’s like to use puree made from plants’ stems and leaves as medicine/personal care. Although these are said to be healing and therapeutic, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

After years of working with international organic skincare brands, I admit that I’m extra cautious of what I put on my skin. I try to go for all natural, if not organic, so I could live a healthier, longer life. Choosing organic is also one small step to creating a sustainable environment.

Not all brands go that far because using all organic ingredients can be limiting. Nayangu is a new all-Filipino 100% organic personal care brand and I was lucky to receive a travel kit that contains all-natural, ethically-sourced, chemical free products!

The range description says a lot of great things but I picked the ones that made me instantly love the products. My Nayangu travel kit:

  1. HANDSHAKE hand spray – good for sweaty hands, lemongrass scent. I love this and will definitely purchase! ❤︎
  2. MARCH foot spray – This keeps toes dry and odor-free and it promises to instantly remove the odor after spraying.
  3. SOOTHE deodorant – The calamansi essential oil helps naturally brighten the underarm area.
  4. BLOSSOM feminine spray – gentle spray for women’s intimate area with a zest of mint. I love this and will definitely purchase! ❤︎
  5. REFRESH masculine spray – I’ll pass this to my man! He’ll surely love the scent.
  6. BREATHE mouth spray – I tried this and I love that it’s not too strong or overwhelming.
  7. ZAP insect repellent – minus the chemicals. Perfect and safe for babies! I love this and will definitely purchase! ❤︎

My Muslim friends from Dubai and Indonesia will love these too because Nayangu products are certified Halal and yes, they have branches in these countries. Lainey Loves Life - Nayangu 5

By patronizing Nayangu, you’ll be helping provide sustainable livelihood for the traditional weavers in Banaue, a rural area located in Northern Philippines. They also have great compensation plan and rewards program for those who would like to sell their products. Learn more about Nayangu products at

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