Dear me…

Dear me in 2026,


You were 31 and a new mom to an adorable boy named Pierce. Sleepless. Coffee-deprived. Tired but happy. Pierce was a smart baby. He smiled a lot and you were so in love with him.

How is he now? Does he try to outsmart you little by little everyday? Does he let you shower him with hugs and kisses like you used to? Do you look at him with the same twinkle in your eyes? Do you still cry at night when you stare at your sleeping boy? I bet! Are you loving him enough? You should! Your Pierce is young for only a while and he’ll soon come home to introduce to you the love of his life. Never waste a day. Cherish each moment for every second that passes by is a second gone.

Dear 41 year old me, you’re doing a great job. Being a mom is probably the most challenging job in the world. Way to go!


5 thoughts on “Dear me…

  1. thatssocheska says:

    I actually started drafting a post to be published on my 30th birthday. And I love where you went with it, and will take some ideas from you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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