Kiss Proof


Kiss Proof Summer

Spontaneous Summer with Kiss Proof💄

My love for lippies has no season. I get pretty much whatever shade I like.. No rules! These KISS PROOF matte lipsticks are really stunning. Thanks to @southchique for the fast delivery!💄shades (from top to bottom): 12,13,8,19,15So here’s my review…

Let’s try to manage expectations. Some would expect Kiss Proof to be really kiss proof or waterproof. Let me tell you darling, there’s no such thing. If there’s something you put on your mouth that won’t ever come off, that would be tattoo. And to cosmetic tattoo, I’d say, “no thanks!”

You can expect that:

  • It will stay on for a long time; longer than any lipstick will. Unlike other lippies which are like crayons to your lips, Kiss Proof lippies are like craypas in texture. It glides smoothly on lips during application and sort of builds and hardens as it dries.
  • Its colour is full and vivid. One layer is all it takes to achieve full coverage.
  • It doesn’t bleed on the edges.
  • I wore this for a day without any need for a retouch.
  • If you really want to know, it’s smack-proof! 🙂 Smooch-proof? nah! So if you’re eating chips or truffles, you’re safe! I had a meal and it still looks perfectly fine!

If you’re having soup or a creamy meal, please don’t expect too much. You wouldn’t want anything too hard to remove at the end of the day anyway.

Shades (from top to bottom):

12 – This looks berry plum to me. I really love this shade and I think this is perfect in Autumn too!

13 – Red is always a must-have!

8 – This is pale nude. This will be of good use in creating ombre lips.

19 – If you like coral, this one’s for you. I like wearing coral because it looks so fresh.

15 – the perfect nude

My verdict:

LaineyLoves Kiss Proof

I wish I had these on the day I gave birth to Pierce so I’d look picture perfect! 😁

I bought my KissProof lippies + sharpener from @Southchique. They have lots of trendy sunnies too! Thanks for the fast delivery! 😘


Laineykiss proof


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