Le Petit Souffle: French Japanese Cafe


Love at first sight! 

Like the usual French cafe, Le Petit Souffle is quaint. The hanging greens look so real, you’ll think you’re in a real  garden with an open air feel. Those giant fireflies (bulbs) add a romantic feel to the cafe; so romantic we witnessed a pre-nuptial photo shoot happen before our very eyes. The rolling pins are cute – unnecessary but cute. If there’s an element that validates this cafe as Japanese, it’s the wall panel adorned with wooden windows in white and beige. That and the minimalist theme.

Our food was okay. I came from an event at the same mall and my parents had coffee so we met here to have something light to eat. We ordered just pasta and salad so I don’t think this will qualify as a review. I just want to comment that they should not charge for re-heating the bread as the bread was served cold (and chewy) — our canine teeth couldn’t handle it.

This year, I made a firm resolution that I’ll drink as much fresh fruit juice as I can and refrain from taking bottled or powdered juice. It’s hard but I’m determined and I’m happy that more and more restaurants are offering fresh fruit juices these days. Le Petit Souffle’s Tropical Basil and Cucumber Fruit Tea was really refreshing!

Here are some photos of what we had at Le Petit Souffle:



Honey Citrus Salad



Chicken Pomodoro


Tropical Basil and Cucumber Fruit Tea

  I’d like to go back to try their desserts. 🙂 




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