The Pigpen Cafe

The Pig Pen - Sta Rosa

Now that my little man enjoys going out for a walk, I feel better bringing him to parks and malls. I don’t like going out on weekends though because the rainy season has already started and people are getting sick. We try to stay away from the crowd as much as possible and these days, it’s hard to find quiet spots where we can enjoy good food.

Whilst exploring Solenad 3, my mom saw The Pigpen Cafe and she instantly said we should check it out because they seem to offer good food (basing on the photos displayed through the glass). The Black Pig @theblackpigmnl in Alabang came into my mind and true enough, I learned that The Pigpen is its sister cafe. I knew even before we walked right through the door that we will be served great food.

We were supposed to order snacks but the photos were so enticing that we ended up ordering rice meals and pasta. What I love about The Pigpen is that the photos on the menu look very close to the actual food they serve – the colours, the presentation, the serving size. What you see is what you get (except for the banana cheesecake which was just half of the one we saw on the menu).

We ordered Chicken Mole, Roasted Garlic Chicken, and Pulled Pork Cannelloni. The colours were enticing and each of these plates were so rich in flavour! Chicken Mole had that scrumptious Mexican bbq taste while the rice accompanying the roasted chicken, albeit plain-looking, was truly delicious and delightful. My mom really enjoyed her tasty cannelloni. The pulled pork filling’s tenderness was perfect.

Laineyloveslife - The Pig Pen - Sta Rosa

Chicken Mole – I learned that [moh-lay] sauce is a fusion of different flavours and spices and chocolate is one of its main ingredients. Wow. I love this already.

Laineyloveslife - The Pig Pen - Sta Rosa

Don’t judge this Roasted Garlic Chicken by the way it looks. Yes, it may look less mouthwatering because it looks plain but it’s really flavourful! Try it!

Laineyloveslife - The Pig Pen - Sta Rosa

Pulled Pork Cannelloni – Perfectly done! The pulled pork filling was very tender.

I wish they have more desserts to choose from. We couldn’t find one that’s unique to call their signature dessert and we ended up ordering staple confections such as banana cheesecake and lemon custard pie.

Overall, we were happy with the food we had and we like the place. It’s casual and not as intimidating as The Black Pig but equally awesome for the great food and wide selection of drinks. I recommend that you try The Pigpen as they serve really delicious food that they craft from scratch. The price is not too steep and if you’re tired of the usual food you eat in commercialised restos, then you’ll find great food oozing with flavours here.

The next time you’re in Nuvali, Santa Rosa, check out The Pigpen!
Have a great weekend, everyone.



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