Fun Food Fitness 2016

Jeunesse Anion – Fun Food Fitness 2016 from LaineyLovesLife on Vimeo.

I rarely attend social events but when I do, I make sure I really participate. And because anything that concerns health goes on top of my goal funnel, I took a few hours off being a nanny to my only son so I could dance Zumba with Philippines’ dance diva, Regine Tolentino.

Gosh, she’s so beautiful and fit! With her sexy dance moves, I can tell why she hasn’t aged a bit. Regine, together with her friends, taught us some crazy Zumba moves! That afternoon was fun and really exhilarating! Liberating too, because I haven’t done this since I learned I was pregnant.

And just like how gym rats would secretly go to their favourite resto to reward themselves for the hardwork, we ate some good food! Woohoo! It’s a shame I wasn’t able to take photos of the buffet but I can assure you that we had HEALTHY food. Good food doesn’t need to be all dull and bland. Marriott Hotel served us guilt-free and satisfying dishes.

While enjoying our healthy meals, celebrity chef and mom Len Santos-Ding had a demo of her guilt-free, easy-peasy one pan meals. The dishes were tagged as one-pan meals because you literally need just one pan to cook each and it only takes a few minutes to prepare each meal. This wondermom is great at what she does, and you can trust her taste in food. Chef Len advocates healthy eating. No matter how busy we are, we should skip the junk and eat healthy food, no matter how busy, no matter how tired.

And like the typical OC mom, she throws in her pan ONLY the healthy stuff. In her demos, she used Doña Elena pasta and olive oils, and Clara Olé dressings. Jeunesse Anion wouldn’t partner with them if they’re not the best so I did a little research about these brands too and they’re absolutely the healthy kind. Eversince I found these two, Doña Elena and Clara Olé have been staples in my grocery basket. When we have guests at home or when we’re too lazy to go out to get merienda, we have pasta and sauces ready. We don’t even put condiments anymore because Clara Ole sauces taste rich and yummy.

I had loads of fun at this event and I’m sure other moms had a blast too! It was a treat for hardworking moms who deserve a break.:) Off to the kitchen now to cook some healthy dishes! Thanks Jeunesse Anion for another great event!

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