I miss you, I miss you…

image.jpegHi! How have you been? It’s been a while since I wrote an entry and to be honest, I had to guess my password to get in. I’m an awful blogger for not being able to connect to you more often. And I’m an awful blogger for not being able to reflect and write for myself. Eversince I gave birth, my priorities have changed and I’m still trying to adjust to mommy life.  This adorable baby boy you see in the photo has been keeping me busy. If being an awful blogger means being a good mom, I guess you could forgive me for being an absentee virtual friend.

I miss writing and I miss reading your lovely posts. I wish I could log in more often to read about what’s going on in your beautiful lives! I miss you all. 😘

As I type this message on my mobile phone, my sweetheart is fast asleep beside me. I’m stealing a few minutes because I miss you all and as much as I want to keep writing, I’ll have to end this to get a few hours of sleep before he wakes up again.

It’s 3:46 am in this part of the world and I want to be the first to greet my lovely friends —

Happy International Women’s Day!

I love you all and I miss you heaps!

Hugs & Kisses from me and Pierce! x



But first, coffee! And then #makeup

Laineyloveslife ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Spring monday morning coffee

Unbelievable! Yesterday I was at the hospital and while my doctor was checking baby’s heartbeat, I randomly asked if I can have coffee after I give birth, particularly while breastfeeding. She said, “Well, you can have one small cup of coffee a day while pregnant.” I asked her why she never told me and she said I never asked.

OMG. I punished myself for several months. I totally cut my coffee intake and I almost went crazy whenever I’d smell the aroma in the morning. It’s a few minutes before 8am here in Manila and I’m about to make a cuppa. I just can’t wait to tell everyone how happy I am. 🙂


Whilst browsing Facebook, I saw this photo from one of the makeup brands I adore, ELES Cosmetics. It’s a mineral makeup brand from Australia and I love every makeup item that they have. I never really used lipliners before, but whenever I see models and MUAs do a sharp, crisp lipline, I know I have to get hold of several of these to try! These ELES Longwear Gel Lipliners have extremely long wearing, waterproof formula which glides onto lips for transfer-proof, non-feathering wear for up to 7 hours. It can also double as a lip base or matte lipstick.

Dine and wine, or kiss and makeup – the colour stays on! I need to have these in my life. ❤︎

Laineyloveslife ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Longwear Gel Lipliner

Do you use a lipliner and do you have tips to share on how to create sharp lines?

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#PositivelyBetter Womanhood with Jeunesse Anion

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Pad NapkinIf there’s one thing about me that I’m proud of, it’s my preference to spend on things that truly matter before considering to buy things that are less important. I’m not saying other women are wrong for buying things that they want; it’s their money not mine. I’m just proud to have come up with a priority list that surely takes care of my family’s future.

The first five items on my list are related to health: insurance, investment, accident or critical illness, hospitalization, death. Just in case something happens, everything’s covered. I believe prevention is better than cure so I also included in my list: healthy food, healthy products, and relaxation.

As we grow older, we tend to be more health conscious. From buying just about anything cheap or splurging on just about anything popular, we become more particular with the health benefits and harmful chemicals in products that we consume.

Even before I became pregnant, I’ve already started using anion sanitary pads. It’s just early this year that I discovered Jeunesse Anion and I choose to stay healthy by sticking to a brand that protects me. It offers tons of benefits ordinary pads can’t do.

  • Top cover is made of non-woven material so it feels comfy, soft, and smooth. It doesn’t fluff and it’s lint-free even if you use it for a longer time.
  • The anion strip emits negatively charged molecules, that help keep women fresh and dry down there.
  • It has superior liquid retention. You don’t have to worry about leaks.
  • The bottom layer allows free flow of air. Goodbye foul odor and moisture!

If you aren’t using anion sanitary pads, I suggest you switch to Jeunesse Anion. This is the healthier option. It helps prevent a myriad of reproductive diseases and disorders.

NO, they didn’t pay me to write this. I just want more women to understand that we should learn how to live wiser and #positivelybetter. I’m going to be a mom soon and my goal is to keep myself healthy so I could spend many happy years with my son. I’ve pledged to go for healthy options because another life will be entrusted to me.

I always wear long pads but I’m pregnant so I’ve been saving money on sanitary pads for months now. 😊 I’m still using panty liners though..

Photo contest:

Get a chance to win a Jeunesse Anion statement bag filled with Jeunesse napkins, Human Nature Feminine Wash, and Yoko Salt Scrub. Click on the photo to see the mechanics! *Open to Philippine Residents only. *Submit your entries before Sept 28.

Jeunesse - Shine and Sparkle Photo Contest 3

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Feel Good Mornings!

LaineyLovesLife-Feel Good Mornings-3

Hi everyone. I’ve been exhausted lately and although most days I’d rather keep it to myself, I’m sharing it to you this time because I found a free therapy.

Being pregnant makes me sleepy all the time. I doze off every after a few hours no matter how well I set my mind to work mode. It must be the baby yawning inside that contagiously pulls me back to bed and believe me, I cannot not sleep when I feel like closing my eyes. It’s just impossible! (Hello, pregnancy hormones!)

Two things: bird feeding and makeup shopping.These keep me up like a giddy pre-schooler!

I find peace watching my brother’s love birds in the mornings. When I look at them I feel like we’re having a meeting. There’s a connection of some sort.  I feel so wonderful just looking at them.

This afternoon, my friend asked me to go to the mall with her to help her buy the perfect makeup base and I felt nothing but pure happiness the moment I stepped in. Makeup wonderland is such a happy place, I can live there. I love long walks to the makeup aisle! lol

Shyla wanted to keep it simple because she has some other stuff at home like moisturiser, brushes, and lippies. I’m going to give her blush tomorrow. 😍 We shopped for the right foundation, concealer and powder for her skin tone at MAC Cosmetics. If I pick the latter as my therapy, I might go broke by the time I’m about to pop my baby so I guess I’ll have to schedule my trips to the mall. Bird feeding is so much cheaper! haha

What do you do to relieve you of stress?
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This is how I combat stretchmarks!

Laineyloveslife - stretchmark-skincare

Say hello to my bulging tummy! 🙂

My baby bump is getting bigger! I can’t even button my shorts anymore. 

Before I got pregnant, I have already been using three of the products above.

When it’s cold outside, I use my Spice Island passion fruit body butter from Sri Lanka. It’s thicker than lotion so I only wear this during the rainy days.

I always want to travel light so I always have with me travel sizes of L’Occitane lotions. My current love is their Verbena collection for its citrusy scent (and yes, I picked this because I have a love/hate relationship with the Salvatore brothers of TVD).

I use Pevonia De-aging Body Balm every after having a body scrub at my favourite spa. The Papaya-Pineapple scent is so glorious, I don’t even want to finish this jar. 🙂 Notice that the label says de-aging. Learn the difference between anti-aging and de-aging skincare in this post.

The latest addition to my army against stretchmarks is Palmer’s Massage Lotion. It was gifted to me by my friend/classmate Mai. The mild cocoa scent smells divine and the texture is just perfect! It’s especially formulated for pregnant women so I trust that this thing works! I hope it does because I won’t really know until after I’ve popped the baby and recovered.

Have you tried Palmer’s massage lotion? If yes, did it work for you?
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