No resolutions, just realizations

aerial-shot-beach-bird-s-eye-view-1661375Year after year, we take time to write down resolutions that only pile up or go down the drain. We write plans. The idealist calls them dreams. The pessimist thinks they are empty promises that get forgotten. The doer calls them goals. I don’t write down resolutions, only realizations. And first on my list is an admittance that I am an idealist, a pessimist and a doer rolled into one.

I used to write down a long list of plans and dreams and goals. But as I grew older, I realized how hard it is to keep up with resolutions. I burned myself following every resolution, and in the end I blamed myself for the lack of discipline and self-control.

Here are some of the general things that were in my resolutions:

  • Diet (got me all confused)
  • Exercise (literally burnt me out)
  • Which career move to take next
  • How to save money and free myself of debt
  • How to let go of everything and anything that’s stopping me from being a better version of myself.

It’s been three years now since I bade goodbye to writing resolutions and startedcontemplating on lessons learned for the year. 2018 taught me that resilience is the key to living a healthy life. I learned that people change, things change, life’s circumstances change. We grow and outgrow the hardships when we learn how to go with the tide.

Life is swell. Find your wave!

Don’t write resolutions. Think of the lessons instead and use these lessons to your advantage. I wish you all an amazing 2018!



Jeunesse Anion Dryness Test

  The brand I am using claims that it stays dry for a longer time. I believe it does because I feel light and fresh when I use it but just to check, I did a quick test today. Jeunesse Anion didn’t disappoint!

This brand is more expensive than the regular pads in the market but I don’t mind paying extra because it does so much more!

You should consider shifting to ANION sanitary pads because:

  1. It stays dry for a long time. Check my video and you’ll see that the pad on the left absorbed the liquid almost immediately while the one on the right remained wet.
  2. The cotton layer doesn’t scrunch up and compress. Did you know that some pads leave hairline fibers that may cause irritation and/or cervical cancer?
  3.  It neutralises odour (Believe me, knowing that there’s no foul smell down there boosts confidence).
  4. It has anion which is good for our health!

To know more about Anion sanitary pads, visit


Dear me…

Dear me in 2026,


You were 31 and a new mom to an adorable boy named Pierce. Sleepless. Coffee-deprived. Tired but happy. Pierce was a smart baby. He smiled a lot and you were so in love with him.

How is he now? Does he try to outsmart you little by little everyday? Does he let you shower him with hugs and kisses like you used to? Do you look at him with the same twinkle in your eyes? Do you still cry at night when you stare at your sleeping boy? I bet! Are you loving him enough? You should! Your Pierce is young for only a while and he’ll soon come home to introduce to you the love of his life. Never waste a day. Cherish each moment for every second that passes by is a second gone.

Dear 41 year old me, you’re doing a great job. Being a mom is probably the most challenging job in the world. Way to go!

Favourites Tag

I saw this months ago on Stash Matters‘ blog and I got this saved in my drafts folder. My bub is fast asleep so I have time to do a short tag. ☺️ Good heavens, I used to have all the time in the world and now my life revolves around this handsome little boy who leaves me no time for myself. ☺️

My Favourites… *

Place: Boracay Island, Philippines


Person: Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is pretty, witty, and fun!

Color: Blue

Food: Italian

Smell: coffee

Book: Like a Flowing River by Paulo Coelho

Lainey Loves Life - Like the flowing river

Movie: The Notebook 🙂

Music artist: U2

Genre of music: it depends on my mood

Genre of literature: Inspirational

Drink: fresh fruit juice

Precious stone: Sapphire

Animal: dog

Flower: Peonies

TV Show: The Walking Dead, Homeland, How I Met Your Mother, One Tree Hill

Fruit: Watermelon

Vegetable: Broccoli

Historical figure: Oscar Wilde

Boy’s name: Pierce

Girl’s name: Kate

Potato chip flavor: Original

Meal of the day: breakfast

Ice cream flavor: Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked

Ben & Jerry's Half Baked

Season: Summer

Month of the year: December

Disney princess: Belle

Eye color: dark brown

Dessert: Panna cotta

Happiness is a warm puppy

A video posted by ♥︎ Lainey ♥︎ (@laineyloveslife) on Nov 9, 2013 at 8:49pm PST

I’d love to see your favourites! Please link if you do this Tag. 🙂

photos credits: Boracay, Emma Watson, Like The Flowing River by Paulo Coelho, Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked

The Ripple Effect

I received a message from Em, a fellow blogger, and she needs our help to make this project happen. I’m pro education for kids and I think it’s just right that we put the children back to classrooms. Here is an excerpt from Em’s proposal. Don’t forget to VOTE. I’ve included  the link at the bottom.

My idea is called The Ripple Effect. Essentially, my idea entails creating a minimalistic school curriculum that would take place early in the morning, or late at night, when the children didn’t have to go find work. The schooling would be basic, with one chalkboard, or one book, and one teacher that is at least high school educated. The hope would also be that in the refugee camp, there would be one person who could teach basic Turkish to the children as well. Closing the language gap for the children could also help to enroll some into the Turkish schools, giving the children a higher education. This minimalistic idea of having very few educational tools such as one chalkboard and several reading books makes this idea relatively inexpensive, and also fairly universal. If a group of children started to get together and learn to read from one book, learn basic math on one chalkboard, and possibly learn basic Turkish, that group could get bigger, and more groups could form, and groups could form in different refugee camps. The Ripple Effect would not only teach basic education, but it would bring children together and help them to piece to together and reform their culture…

Make this happen. Vote here:

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