My Post Pregnancy Skincare

Lainey Loves LIfe - Pevonia gift bag.jpg

I have been busy, crazy busy, these past few weeks. “Busy at work” doesn’t even compare to being “busy with baby.” With work, it takes great organizing skills and you’ll be pretty safe and on track but with baby, it’s as if your world will fall apart if you don’t try to be extend your patience – and that applies to both mom and dad.

Time flies by so fast! It’s been three weeks since I gave birth to this beautiful boy soundly sleeping beside me and I’m like a thief here stealing some time to write a blog entry. I think I’m starting to get the groove of being a full time mom-slash-nanny. 😄 I might even start taking digital marcomms job again – that is if I decode and master my boy’s sleeping pattern.


Some time during the 20+ week of my pregnancy, I started getting pimples on my chin. It would go away for a while but it kept coming back and God, I still have them now. And then last week, I received a care package from my friend and former boss Liane! I went crazy going over the items she sent me and I’ve started using them yesterday. I can’t wait to tell you about the wonderful effects of the products on my skin.

Here are the contents of the package. I’ll post about each of the products separately.

Lainey Loves LIfe - Pevonia Stem Cells Phyto Elite copy

Golden! Pevonia is a staple item on my skincare list. I’ve been using this brand for years now and I love how it changed my skin from dull to soft and smooth. I’m using this Stem Cells Phyto-Elite Intensive Cream for the first time.

Lainey Loves LIfe - Phytomer gifts from Liane

Phytomer is a French brand that uses marine elements in their skincare products. Back to Basic: (1) Cleanser (2) Mask (3) Replenishing Oil

Lainey Loves Life - ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup

New ELES makeup to go inside my traincase. Woohoo! I’m a lucky girl!

Lainey Loves LIfe - ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Transformation Oil

This is the solution to hard-to-remove makeup. Goodbye zits!

All products came from Australia. I’ll tell you more about each of these on my next entry. In the meantime, if you want to check out these great brands, visit Pevonia Australia, Phytomer Australia, and ELES Cosmetics.

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But first, coffee! And then #makeup

Laineyloveslife ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Spring monday morning coffee

Unbelievable! Yesterday I was at the hospital and while my doctor was checking baby’s heartbeat, I randomly asked if I can have coffee after I give birth, particularly while breastfeeding. She said, “Well, you can have one small cup of coffee a day while pregnant.” I asked her why she never told me and she said I never asked.

OMG. I punished myself for several months. I totally cut my coffee intake and I almost went crazy whenever I’d smell the aroma in the morning. It’s a few minutes before 8am here in Manila and I’m about to make a cuppa. I just can’t wait to tell everyone how happy I am. 🙂


Whilst browsing Facebook, I saw this photo from one of the makeup brands I adore, ELES Cosmetics. It’s a mineral makeup brand from Australia and I love every makeup item that they have. I never really used lipliners before, but whenever I see models and MUAs do a sharp, crisp lipline, I know I have to get hold of several of these to try! These ELES Longwear Gel Lipliners have extremely long wearing, waterproof formula which glides onto lips for transfer-proof, non-feathering wear for up to 7 hours. It can also double as a lip base or matte lipstick.

Dine and wine, or kiss and makeup – the colour stays on! I need to have these in my life. ❤︎

Laineyloveslife ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Longwear Gel Lipliner

Do you use a lipliner and do you have tips to share on how to create sharp lines?

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Blue, Bold, and Sultry


Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing great. I just want to share with you the things that I keep in my makeup tote ALWAYS. When I say always, I mean I don’t even remove them from my purse anymore when I do a makeup rotation. Here’s why:

ELES luminous CC Cream 20

My skin is super sensitive as it turns red when it’s too hot or too cold outside. When I directly put my makeup on (lazy girls, raise your hands!), I get red patches on my face. The ELES Luminous CC Cream 20 keeps my skin’s colour even. It also makes my complexion look healthier. It’s lightweight and I don’t feel like I’m wearing too many layers as this already acts as my colour corrector, moisturiser, and sunscreen. ELES is an awesome Australian brand you must check out! If you want to see other ELES makeup that I own, click here.

Just a quick review:

BB = blemish balm
CC = colour correcting
DD = daily defense (anti-aging)

I hope I can find and try a DD Cream soon! 😍 (crossing fingers)

The body shop – Metallic eye Definer

When I’m feeling under the weather, or looking tired, I set aside the black and look for my Metallic Eye Definer in Brilliant Blue from The Body Shop. It’s a fail-proof eye brightener, making me look fresh even when I lack sleep. I also have this in Vibrant Emerald which is close to green. These colours are so fresh yet intense with great colour pay off. When I use these, I don’t apply eye shadow anymore.

AVON Ultra Color Matte Lipstick in Matte Merlot

I said it before and I’ll say it again. I love Avon’s Matte Merlot and I renamed it Superwoman! I believe every woman should keep a red lipstick in her tote always, first to make her feel strong and on top of the game, and second when she needs to feel extra sexy. Check out my AVON lipstick collection.

Laura Mercier’s Lip Glacé in Bare Pink

On days when I want to keep my look fresh and natural, I just put on Laura Mercier’s Lip Glacé in Bare Pink. It’s like adding a bit of shimmer to your already beautiful lips. P.S. Tell Laura I love her! 😘

NARS Cosmetics Blush in Orgasm

My all time favourite, one that doesn’t leave my bag… NARS blush in Orgasm. I can’t remember a single day that I didn’t like the colour of NARS on my skin. It’s buildable so during the day I start with a very light application and then I apply more in the evening.

Do you have tote bag favourites too? Do you have makeup items that you can’t leave home without?


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I have two sets of makeup brushes and I want more


I have two sets of makeup brushes and I want more.

I keep my 15 piece ELES Cosmetics professional brush set in my room and this is the same set I use frequently. Its bristles are made from Taklon, a “green” and allergy free synthetic fibre ideal for makeup application. Because the brushes are synthetic, the pigment doesn’t get trapped and absorbed, making it easier for me to clean them.

The other is Coastal Scents 22 piece brush set which is incredibly cheap at $50 (even cheaper now that it’s on sale). I always keep these clean because this is the one that I lend to my sister if she needs special brushes for contouring. I also have some individual brushes I got from my friend and mentor Cielo of Mermaid in Heels.

Some would say these two are enough but no. I want to get two more. Makeup lovers will surely understand!

I want to buy a set that I can bring with me always. I’m eyeing these small but terrific travel brushes from CHARM.

Charm Brushes - Beauty and Minerals - Philippines


And I recently saw these really elegant Real Techniques Bold Metals brush collection on other makeup bloggers’ pages. I want to have these too… 😍

Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Collection

Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Collection

I don’t know what to say really. Some people will think it’s ridiculous to buy more but I know there are ladies out there who own more than I do. I really love to get these two sets. 🙂

ELES Liquid Illuminator


Illuminator sounds magical to me. It does a lot of things. It’s Thumbelina’s pixie dust! I’m a fan of matte finish makeup but every once in a while, when there’s a special occasion, I use a luminizer to add shimmer on my simple makeup look.

I love L’Oréal’s True Match Lumi Powder but when the ELES liquid illuminators came out, I knew I had to try them. Why? I thought the liquid illuminators will adhere to skin more for a longer time. I was right!

The ELES Liquid Illuminator is lightweight. I love that I don’t feel like my makeup is too heavy. I always want to look effortlessly pretty and subtly radiant without them knowing I sat in front of the mirror for an hour haha! ELES suggests that we mix our shade to our foundation to add natural glow on our skin but it can also be used as a highlighter. I use all three shades – Champagne, Bronze and Deep Bronze as finishing touch. In the photo, bronze and deep bronze look as if they’re of the same shade but deep bronze is more solid and darker when applied.

For those who love to contour…

You’ll love these liquid illuminators for the natural radiance they add to your look. I use bronze on the sides of my nose, deep bronze on contoured sides of my cheeks, and champagne goes to the T zone, brow bones, inside of eyes, and a bit on my philtrum. I thought I’d only use this for dinner dates but when I saw the effect, they still look natural, with a glow. 🙂


I haven’t written a lot about makeup yet because my blog is new but from the beginning I have already expressed my love for this Aussie brand. It does not only cover, ELES also promises to keep skin healthy through the infused minerals in all of its products. Check out my ELES Signature Quad collection, my favourite Nail shade at the moment – Some Like It Hot, and the four products I use daily to create a great foundation base. ELES is available in Australia and I believe they also ship in the UK.

Would you consider using liquid illuminators instead of your favourite luminous powder?
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