ELES Liquid Illuminator


Illuminator sounds magical to me. It does a lot of things. It’s Thumbelina’s pixie dust! I’m a fan of matte finish makeup but every once in a while, when there’s a special occasion, I use a luminizer to add shimmer on my simple makeup look.

I love L’Oréal’s True Match Lumi Powder but when the ELES liquid illuminators came out, I knew I had to try them. Why? I thought the liquid illuminators will adhere to skin more for a longer time. I was right!

The ELES Liquid Illuminator is lightweight. I love that I don’t feel like my makeup is too heavy. I always want to look effortlessly pretty and subtly radiant without them knowing I sat in front of the mirror for an hour haha! ELES suggests that we mix our shade to our foundation to add natural glow on our skin but it can also be used as a highlighter. I use all three shades – Champagne, Bronze and Deep Bronze as finishing touch. In the photo, bronze and deep bronze look as if they’re of the same shade but deep bronze is more solid and darker when applied.

For those who love to contour…

You’ll love these liquid illuminators for the natural radiance they add to your look. I use bronze on the sides of my nose, deep bronze on contoured sides of my cheeks, and champagne goes to the T zone, brow bones, inside of eyes, and a bit on my philtrum. I thought I’d only use this for dinner dates but when I saw the effect, they still look natural, with a glow. 🙂


I haven’t written a lot about makeup yet because my blog is new but from the beginning I have already expressed my love for this Aussie brand. It does not only cover, ELES also promises to keep skin healthy through the infused minerals in all of its products. Check out my ELES Signature Quad collection, my favourite Nail shade at the moment – Some Like It Hot, and the four products I use daily to create a great foundation base. ELES is available in Australia and I believe they also ship in the UK.

Would you consider using liquid illuminators instead of your favourite luminous powder?
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