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Kiss Proof Summer

Spontaneous Summer with Kiss Proof💄

My love for lippies has no season. I get pretty much whatever shade I like.. No rules! These KISS PROOF matte lipsticks are really stunning. Thanks to @southchique for the fast delivery!💄shades (from top to bottom): 12,13,8,19,15So here’s my review…

Let’s try to manage expectations. Some would expect Kiss Proof to be really kiss proof or waterproof. Let me tell you darling, there’s no such thing. If there’s something you put on your mouth that won’t ever come off, that would be tattoo. And to cosmetic tattoo, I’d say, “no thanks!”

You can expect that:

  • It will stay on for a long time; longer than any lipstick will. Unlike other lippies which are like crayons to your lips, Kiss Proof lippies are like craypas in texture. It glides smoothly on lips during application and sort of builds and hardens as it dries.
  • Its colour is full and vivid. One layer is all it takes to achieve full coverage.
  • It doesn’t bleed on the edges.
  • I wore this for a day without any need for a retouch.
  • If you really want to know, it’s smack-proof! 🙂 Smooch-proof? nah! So if you’re eating chips or truffles, you’re safe! I had a meal and it still looks perfectly fine!

If you’re having soup or a creamy meal, please don’t expect too much. You wouldn’t want anything too hard to remove at the end of the day anyway.

Shades (from top to bottom):

12 – This looks berry plum to me. I really love this shade and I think this is perfect in Autumn too!

13 – Red is always a must-have!

8 – This is pale nude. This will be of good use in creating ombre lips.

19 – If you like coral, this one’s for you. I like wearing coral because it looks so fresh.

15 – the perfect nude

My verdict:

LaineyLoves Kiss Proof

I wish I had these on the day I gave birth to Pierce so I’d look picture perfect! 😁

I bought my KissProof lippies + sharpener from @Southchique. They have lots of trendy sunnies too! Thanks for the fast delivery! 😘


Laineykiss proof

Bright Pink to brighten up my day


I’ve been in and out of the hospital for tests and quite frankly, I’m exhausted! I’m not complaining though. My baby is growing too fast and I can’t wait to meet this little bub. I miss reading my friend’s blogs. I’ll be checking your pages and will catch up on everything that I missed.

In the meantime, I logged in today to share with you this lipstick I got a week ago at a mall sale. The brand Pinkies Collection is new to me but it was the first shade that caught my attention, probably because it’s quite close to neon. It stood out amidst the gazillion lippie shades on the rack.

The picture does not justify how bright it is and although it’s vivid, it doesn’t make me look like a wild Barbie (which is great). I’m using a lip primer so it stayed smooth all day long. I’m quite surprised that it doesn’t smudge easily too, considering how cheap I got this for.

In dollars, it’s equivalent to $3.75. That’s a steal!

Do you like pink lipstick too?
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Sealed with a Kiss, AVON.

LaineyLovesLife-Lipstick-Avon-1 copy

I have 9 shades of Red and it’s not even Heart’s Day yet!

These lippies from Avon are so vivid and highly pigmented. I was so excited, I swatched them all in a day to see how they’d differ from one another.

To men, these are all RED. 😁 Men just don’t get why we have so many lippies! Well, I don’t know either… These are happy sticks! I’ll always get one whenever I feel like. 🙂

Avon’s luminous Ultra Color Lipstick SPF 15 will make your lips look and feel so exquisitely soft and supple! I love that even the matte colors are moisturizing.

Avon’s secret formula: shea butter + arctic berry + vitamin E

LaineyLovesLife-Lipstick-Avon-4 copy

Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Lava Love, Red 2000, Knock Out Pink | They’re highly pigmented. If you’re looking for Red lippies that look creamy and moisturizing, these are for you.

LaineyLovesLife-Lipstick-Avon-3 copy

Avon Ultra Color Matte Lipstick in Matte Ruby, Matte Red, Matte Merlot | In my opinion, they don’t really look matte. They’re just too opaque with less gloss than the Ultra Color collection.

My favorite is Matte Merlot. I can’t give it away, that’s for sure. It’s going straight to my daily makeup tote and I’m naming this SUPERWOMAN. I’ll be using this as my weapon of choice on days when I know I have to wear a cape (you know, to save the world). 😍

LaineyLovesLife-Lipstick-Avon-2 copy

Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in Fuschia Flirt, Smitten Red, Make Out Red | The Totally Kissable collection has an ultra fine shimmer that adds oomph to the already amazing colors.

When I first tried the Totally Kissable lippies, they looked like thin gloss over my natural lip color. I immediately said I’m giving them away, but then after a minute or two, I looked at the mirror again and they instantly turned into gorgeous shades of red and pink!

I don’t think I’ve captured the true colors of the lippies. I shot them at the veranda and they all look extra bright in these photos! I didn’t even use filters.

After a busy day, this is me wearing Fuschia Flirt.

Laineyloveslife - Avon - Fuschia Flirt
Yes, I used lo-fi filter so the color looks hot pink here! 😁

My mom blackmailed me (in a nice way) and just took 3 lippies without even asking me if it’s okay. lol Avon, you unknowingly flared up my mom’s addiction to lipstick! GOOD JOB! Before she went out to meet a friend, she stood in front of me for a few minutes just to show me she’s using one of her new lippies.

LaineyLovesLife-Lipstick-Avon-5 copy

How big is your lipstick collection?
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Shut up and kiss me!

Lainey Loves Life - Beauty Makeup - Happy Skin 1

“Shut up and kiss me!” are the exact words I’d tell my love right now, except that he’s so far away taking care of business. In his absence, I took out the new lippies I bought the other week (it took me that long to try these out because I was too busy staring at my ultrasound prints). 🙂 These days, I’m quite picky on what to feed my skin because all I think about is keeping the baby inside me healthy.

I love everything about Happy Skin. It’s made of ingredients that make sure my skin gets the brightness, coverage, and smoothness it deserves without sacrificing my skin’s health. I looked at all the lippies in the collection and there are new products that were just launched last June but I had to pick my favourites!

Love at first sight: Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie Beauty in Bloom Duo

Lainey Loves Life - Beauty Makeup - Happy Skin 3

I have a confession to make. I’d have to admit it was the packaging that convinced me to get these but I tried each of the lippies and my oh my, these are by far the most moisturising lip crayons I ever tried! True to its word, Shut up and Kiss Me is highly pigmented (but not heavily thick) and super hydrating like a balm (but doesn’t feel sticky). I scanned the box and when my eyes caught shea butter and collagen, I took the grand walk to the counter. ❤︎

Bride-to-Be (rosy pink) and Hold My Hand (warm honey) are part of Happy Skin’s Summer 2015 collection Beauty in Bloom.

Lainey Loves Life - Beauty Makeup - Happy Skin Collage 7

Happy Skin, happy mom! 

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