Shut up and kiss me!

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“Shut up and kiss me!” are the exact words I’d tell my love right now, except that he’s so far away taking care of business. In his absence, I took out the new lippies I bought the other week (it took me that long to try these out because I was too busy staring at my ultrasound prints). 🙂 These days, I’m quite picky on what to feed my skin because all I think about is keeping the baby inside me healthy.

I love everything about Happy Skin. It’s made of ingredients that make sure my skin gets the brightness, coverage, and smoothness it deserves without sacrificing my skin’s health. I looked at all the lippies in the collection and there are new products that were just launched last June but I had to pick my favourites!

Love at first sight: Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie Beauty in Bloom Duo

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I have a confession to make. I’d have to admit it was the packaging that convinced me to get these but I tried each of the lippies and my oh my, these are by far the most moisturising lip crayons I ever tried! True to its word, Shut up and Kiss Me is highly pigmented (but not heavily thick) and super hydrating like a balm (but doesn’t feel sticky). I scanned the box and when my eyes caught shea butter and collagen, I took the grand walk to the counter. ❤︎

Bride-to-Be (rosy pink) and Hold My Hand (warm honey) are part of Happy Skin’s Summer 2015 collection Beauty in Bloom.

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Happy Skin, happy mom! 

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