Nayangu: 100% Organic Personal Care Products

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New Discovery: Nayangu personal care products are certified 100% organic, Halal, fair trade, and cruelty-free.

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While Mother Nature has a cure for almost everything, we can’t just pick leaves from our garden and customize our own skincare. I came from a traditional family and grew up with a lola (grandma) at home so I know well what it’s like to use puree made from plants’ stems and leaves as medicine/personal care. Although these are said to be healing and therapeutic, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

After years of working with international organic skincare brands, I admit that I’m extra cautious of what I put on my skin. I try to go for all natural, if not organic, so I could live a healthier, longer life. Choosing organic is also one small step to creating a sustainable environment.

Not all brands go that far because using all organic ingredients can be limiting. Nayangu is a new all-Filipino 100% organic personal care brand and I was lucky to receive a travel kit that contains all-natural, ethically-sourced, chemical free products!

The range description says a lot of great things but I picked the ones that made me instantly love the products. My Nayangu travel kit:

  1. HANDSHAKE hand spray – good for sweaty hands, lemongrass scent. I love this and will definitely purchase! ❤︎
  2. MARCH foot spray – This keeps toes dry and odor-free and it promises to instantly remove the odor after spraying.
  3. SOOTHE deodorant – The calamansi essential oil helps naturally brighten the underarm area.
  4. BLOSSOM feminine spray – gentle spray for women’s intimate area with a zest of mint. I love this and will definitely purchase! ❤︎
  5. REFRESH masculine spray – I’ll pass this to my man! He’ll surely love the scent.
  6. BREATHE mouth spray – I tried this and I love that it’s not too strong or overwhelming.
  7. ZAP insect repellent – minus the chemicals. Perfect and safe for babies! I love this and will definitely purchase! ❤︎

My Muslim friends from Dubai and Indonesia will love these too because Nayangu products are certified Halal and yes, they have branches in these countries. Lainey Loves Life - Nayangu 5

By patronizing Nayangu, you’ll be helping provide sustainable livelihood for the traditional weavers in Banaue, a rural area located in Northern Philippines. They also have great compensation plan and rewards program for those who would like to sell their products. Learn more about Nayangu products at

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My Post Pregnancy Skincare

Lainey Loves LIfe - Pevonia gift bag.jpg

I have been busy, crazy busy, these past few weeks. “Busy at work” doesn’t even compare to being “busy with baby.” With work, it takes great organizing skills and you’ll be pretty safe and on track but with baby, it’s as if your world will fall apart if you don’t try to be extend your patience – and that applies to both mom and dad.

Time flies by so fast! It’s been three weeks since I gave birth to this beautiful boy soundly sleeping beside me and I’m like a thief here stealing some time to write a blog entry. I think I’m starting to get the groove of being a full time mom-slash-nanny. 😄 I might even start taking digital marcomms job again – that is if I decode and master my boy’s sleeping pattern.


Some time during the 20+ week of my pregnancy, I started getting pimples on my chin. It would go away for a while but it kept coming back and God, I still have them now. And then last week, I received a care package from my friend and former boss Liane! I went crazy going over the items she sent me and I’ve started using them yesterday. I can’t wait to tell you about the wonderful effects of the products on my skin.

Here are the contents of the package. I’ll post about each of the products separately.

Lainey Loves LIfe - Pevonia Stem Cells Phyto Elite copy

Golden! Pevonia is a staple item on my skincare list. I’ve been using this brand for years now and I love how it changed my skin from dull to soft and smooth. I’m using this Stem Cells Phyto-Elite Intensive Cream for the first time.

Lainey Loves LIfe - Phytomer gifts from Liane

Phytomer is a French brand that uses marine elements in their skincare products. Back to Basic: (1) Cleanser (2) Mask (3) Replenishing Oil

Lainey Loves Life - ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup

New ELES makeup to go inside my traincase. Woohoo! I’m a lucky girl!

Lainey Loves LIfe - ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Transformation Oil

This is the solution to hard-to-remove makeup. Goodbye zits!

All products came from Australia. I’ll tell you more about each of these on my next entry. In the meantime, if you want to check out these great brands, visit Pevonia Australia, Phytomer Australia, and ELES Cosmetics.

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All Natural Evening Skincare Routine

laineyloveslife-evening essentials

My all organic evening routine

Your preggo friend just wants to share with you some of the products I’m using in the evening.

I’ve grown a slight obsession towards organic products years ago. Now, my slight obsession is mixed with a lot of questions about what products to avoid during pregnancy. Frankly, there are so many chemical-laden products to skip so to be safe, the end resolution is to stick with the natural/organic products that I’m already using. Now is just not the right time to try new brands.

This is how my daily evening routine goes…

  1. Remove makeup. To remove my makeup I use this wonderful sunflower cleansing oil from Human❤️Nature (the one I have is still in the old packaging). No matter how much makeup I put on, this just removes it all gently. For my sensitive eyes, I use Pevonia Eye Makeup Remover and I keep this in the fridge for that extra cooling effect.
  2. Cleanse. Most days I use my all time favorite Pevonia Phyto-Gel Cleanser which keeps my skin squeaky clean in the morning and at night. I feel really fresh after using this product. Thrice a week I replace it with the Exfoliating Cleanser, also from Pevonia. It has beads and I really love the texture of the beads on my skin.
  3. Body care. Always L’Occitane! I can’t remember how long I’ve been in love with this brand. I use their shampoo and conditioner too. I’m currently using Verbena Shower Gel because I dig its fresh, citrusy, aromatic scent.
  4. Moisturise. During my first trimester, zits developed under my chin and my skin suddenly became dry. Phytomer XMF Pionnière is heaven sent! It keeps my skin clear and hydrated without the heavy feeling (you know how some moisturisers can be so thick). This product also diminishes wrinkles so I’m using this to prevent early signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. After every bath, while my skin is still moist, I apply a thin coat of Pevonia Body Balm in Papaya-Pineapple which is enough to keep my skin hydrated for the rest of the night. At midday, I moisturise my tummy with Spice Island’s Body Butter. They say stretchmarks are inevitable and it really depends on our skin (and our genes) but moisturising is betten than not doing anything at all.

Human❤︎Nature is a Philippine brand. My Pevonia Botanica (Swiss brand manufactured in the US) and Phytomer (French brand) are from Australia. Spice Island skincare is a product from Sri Lanka. I shopped like crazy for L’Occitane shower gel, body lotion and hand creams while in Kuala Lumpur a few months ago. 

I need a Tummy butter. Aside from Palmer’s, do you know any other brand that really works, based on your personal experience?
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A body balm so yummy, I almost ate it!

Lainey loves life - papaya pineapple Pevonia organic skincare

skin food for today: Pevonia’s De-aging Body Balm in Papaya-Pineapple

When I’m not mixing my own skincare, I’m using brands that I trust and most of the brands I truly love are organic. Choosing organic was a conscious choice and I’m so proud to have switched to healthier options. Some of the products I currently use are Human Nature from Philippines, Jason (vegan brand), McEvoy Ranch from California, Spice Island from Sri Lanka, Phytomer and L’Occitane from France and Swiss-formulated spa brand Pevonia Botanica.

Today I’d like to share with you a product so divine, I really think it’s worth a page of raves.

The Pevonia Papaya-Pineapple De-aging Body Balm is so rich and creamy, you’ll surely want to slather this on your skin day and night. Unlike a regular lotion, a body balm is thicker (I’ve tried a few) but this one from Pevonia is so smooth and easily absorbed by the skin, you won’t feel like you’re in a sauna (that’s the feeling I get when trying others).

It has shea butter too which keeps skin elastic so I believe in its  promise that it’s “de-aging. Anti-aging products prevent wrinkles and stretchmarks whereas de-aging products repair and tone.

Lainey loves life - papaya pineapple

Here’s a tip I learned from professional therapists:

After a warm bath, a scrub, or a massage, apply a thin coat of this balm all over your body (not on  your face though, this is too thick to be used on the face) and cover yourself with plastic wrap for a few minutes to allow your skin to fully absorb the cream. I often do this after a foot and leg scrub. If the spa I’m going to doesn’t offer Pevonia treatments, I bring this with me and ask them to apply it and give the therapist a tip for the extra mile.

I highly recommended this for pregnant women. Trust me, the Papaya-Pineapple scent is so divine and the nighmares about stretchmarks will surely be gone because this will give you a good night’s sleep. 🙂

P.S. Pevonia Botanica organic skincare is a Swiss-formulated spa brand available worldwide. I got mine from Australia.

Lainey loves life - papaya pineapple tropical shake

afternoon drink: papaya-pineapple tropical shake ❤︎

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