No resolutions, just realizations

aerial-shot-beach-bird-s-eye-view-1661375Year after year, we take time to write down resolutions that only pile up or go down the drain. We write plans. The idealist calls them dreams. The pessimist thinks they are empty promises that get forgotten. The doer calls them goals. I don’t write down resolutions, only realizations. And first on my list is an admittance that I am an idealist, a pessimist and a doer rolled into one.

I used to write down a long list of plans and dreams and goals. But as I grew older, I realized how hard it is to keep up with resolutions. I burned myself following every resolution, and in the end I blamed myself for the lack of discipline and self-control.

Here are some of the general things that were in my resolutions:

  • Diet (got me all confused)
  • Exercise (literally burnt me out)
  • Which career move to take next
  • How to save money and free myself of debt
  • How to let go of everything and anything that’s stopping me from being a better version of myself.

It’s been three years now since I bade goodbye to writing resolutions and startedcontemplating on lessons learned for the year. 2018 taught me that resilience is the key to living a healthy life. I learned that people change, things change, life’s circumstances change. We grow and outgrow the hardships when we learn how to go with the tide.

Life is swell. Find your wave!

Don’t write resolutions. Think of the lessons instead and use these lessons to your advantage. I wish you all an amazing 2018!


I’m back (after two long years)

I can’t believe I’m writing a blog post again after two years of being quiet. Life changes us. Life molds us. Life teaches us lessons. Sometimes the lessons are too big, we feel as if we can’t make it through. This is how I felt. I changed. Life molded me. And I got through it all.

Now I am back and I’m stronger. I’m reading blogs again and I’m so glad to see that my old virtual friends here are doing great.

The first thing that I did when I logged in again was check my last post and I didn’t even look at the month. Seeing “2016” shocked me! God, has it been 2 long years since I’ve written something? I was having second thoughts on whether I should even update you (chances are no one will even read this post). But then I thought a blog is first for the writer, and then for the reader.

I’m just glad that I’m back and I’ve decided to write again. I want to write more and tell you about everything that happened while I was away. We all go through phases in our lives and I just want you to know that no matter what it is that you’re going through, you’ll get through it. It is just a phase. You have friends here who are ready to listen (and read your blog). If anyone’s reading this, if I still have friends out there, don’t be shy! Say hi!

Fun Food Fitness 2016

Jeunesse Anion – Fun Food Fitness 2016 from LaineyLovesLife on Vimeo.

I rarely attend social events but when I do, I make sure I really participate. And because anything that concerns health goes on top of my goal funnel, I took a few hours off being a nanny to my only son so I could dance Zumba with Philippines’ dance diva, Regine Tolentino.

Gosh, she’s so beautiful and fit! With her sexy dance moves, I can tell why she hasn’t aged a bit. Regine, together with her friends, taught us some crazy Zumba moves! That afternoon was fun and really exhilarating! Liberating too, because I haven’t done this since I learned I was pregnant.

And just like how gym rats would secretly go to their favourite resto to reward themselves for the hardwork, we ate some good food! Woohoo! It’s a shame I wasn’t able to take photos of the buffet but I can assure you that we had HEALTHY food. Good food doesn’t need to be all dull and bland. Marriott Hotel served us guilt-free and satisfying dishes.

While enjoying our healthy meals, celebrity chef and mom Len Santos-Ding had a demo of her guilt-free, easy-peasy one pan meals. The dishes were tagged as one-pan meals because you literally need just one pan to cook each and it only takes a few minutes to prepare each meal. This wondermom is great at what she does, and you can trust her taste in food. Chef Len advocates healthy eating. No matter how busy we are, we should skip the junk and eat healthy food, no matter how busy, no matter how tired.

And like the typical OC mom, she throws in her pan ONLY the healthy stuff. In her demos, she used Doña Elena pasta and olive oils, and Clara Olé dressings. Jeunesse Anion wouldn’t partner with them if they’re not the best so I did a little research about these brands too and they’re absolutely the healthy kind. Eversince I found these two, Doña Elena and Clara Olé have been staples in my grocery basket. When we have guests at home or when we’re too lazy to go out to get merienda, we have pasta and sauces ready. We don’t even put condiments anymore because Clara Ole sauces taste rich and yummy.

I had loads of fun at this event and I’m sure other moms had a blast too! It was a treat for hardworking moms who deserve a break.:) Off to the kitchen now to cook some healthy dishes! Thanks Jeunesse Anion for another great event!

Cafe Enye: Breakfast, Brunch and Brew

The #TitasofManila would always meet for breakfast. We want dainty cafes, pastel-coloured linen, bright lights and pretty food for our Instagram. Where do we bring the gents? Men don’t want pretty food. They just want one thing for breakfast – real food. And if they can have beer, well that’s heaven!

If you’re looking for a place in Eastwood City where you can have breakfast, brunch, and cold brew, try Cafe Enye. This is where you’d love to have  meetings with your bros because they offer bang for the buck meals which come in big servings. If there’s something we can thank the Spaniards for, that would be the rich culture they have shared with us for 333 long years. I’m sure that deep down inside, you are craving for Spanish cuisine! Cafe Enye serves traditional Filipino and Spanish colonial dishes you’ll love.

Every dish is a must try…


They have a bar which offers Nipa Brew‘s wide selection of all natural, all local beverages both men and women will love. For openminded gals, this is the place where you can have unlimited mimosas and bloody mary for breakfast without being judged. 🙂 Did I mention unlimited? For only P200? Really cool place!

laineyloveslife - cafe enye

They’re open daily from 7 am to 1 am. Come together, right now!

The Pigpen Cafe

The Pig Pen - Sta Rosa

Now that my little man enjoys going out for a walk, I feel better bringing him to parks and malls. I don’t like going out on weekends though because the rainy season has already started and people are getting sick. We try to stay away from the crowd as much as possible and these days, it’s hard to find quiet spots where we can enjoy good food.

Whilst exploring Solenad 3, my mom saw The Pigpen Cafe and she instantly said we should check it out because they seem to offer good food (basing on the photos displayed through the glass). The Black Pig @theblackpigmnl in Alabang came into my mind and true enough, I learned that The Pigpen is its sister cafe. I knew even before we walked right through the door that we will be served great food.

We were supposed to order snacks but the photos were so enticing that we ended up ordering rice meals and pasta. What I love about The Pigpen is that the photos on the menu look very close to the actual food they serve – the colours, the presentation, the serving size. What you see is what you get (except for the banana cheesecake which was just half of the one we saw on the menu).

We ordered Chicken Mole, Roasted Garlic Chicken, and Pulled Pork Cannelloni. The colours were enticing and each of these plates were so rich in flavour! Chicken Mole had that scrumptious Mexican bbq taste while the rice accompanying the roasted chicken, albeit plain-looking, was truly delicious and delightful. My mom really enjoyed her tasty cannelloni. The pulled pork filling’s tenderness was perfect.

Laineyloveslife - The Pig Pen - Sta Rosa

Chicken Mole – I learned that [moh-lay] sauce is a fusion of different flavours and spices and chocolate is one of its main ingredients. Wow. I love this already.

Laineyloveslife - The Pig Pen - Sta Rosa

Don’t judge this Roasted Garlic Chicken by the way it looks. Yes, it may look less mouthwatering because it looks plain but it’s really flavourful! Try it!

Laineyloveslife - The Pig Pen - Sta Rosa

Pulled Pork Cannelloni – Perfectly done! The pulled pork filling was very tender.

I wish they have more desserts to choose from. We couldn’t find one that’s unique to call their signature dessert and we ended up ordering staple confections such as banana cheesecake and lemon custard pie.

Overall, we were happy with the food we had and we like the place. It’s casual and not as intimidating as The Black Pig but equally awesome for the great food and wide selection of drinks. I recommend that you try The Pigpen as they serve really delicious food that they craft from scratch. The price is not too steep and if you’re tired of the usual food you eat in commercialised restos, then you’ll find great food oozing with flavours here.

The next time you’re in Nuvali, Santa Rosa, check out The Pigpen!
Have a great weekend, everyone.