About Lainey

Hi, my name is Lainey. I’m an imperfect woman and my perfect God loves me. I’m a writer & enthusiast of all things “beauty and life” related.

Once upon a time, I was a princess in my own kingdom, and my every day was documented in princess diaries I’d design, sew and press on my own. I remember how I’d spray perfume on each leaf and keep the book in a box so that each page would remind me of the feeling I felt when I wrote each story.

Like all other princesses, I had to experience life so I became a Cinderella who did errands for masters of all kinds. I enjoyed Layali soirees in the middle east, made good friends with the people at Lion City, and thought maybe I should play Dorothy and live in Oz. (Of course, I know now that home is my paradise.)

I’ve attempted to start this blog many times in the past but I always had a reason not to. Now is the perfect time. I’ll be writing about the things I like, maybe about the things I purchase every once in a while, and other opinions in life in general.

I’m a lacquer lover and like you, I love taking nail-fies so expect a lot of OPI, ORLY, Zoya, and ELES Ig squares from me. I also had a short stint as a writer for a few skincare and makeup brands so yes, I’m into that too and we’ll be mixing homemade masks together, straight from my grandma’s witchcraft recipe book. 🙂 Love scrapbooking? Let’s share ideas, shall we?

This is my own little space in the vast world wide web. It’s intended for me (and for my children’s reference in the future) as an account of how wonderful life is. If you find my posts interesting, I’d love to hear from you!

Email me at laineyloveslife (at) gmail (dot) com 

love & light,
Lainey ♥︎

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41 thoughts on “About Lainey

  1. minorie says:

    Hhhmmmmmm, im not a lacquer lover, not even a make up lover but i love ur site!!! Waiting for more that i can relate to looool . I miss you sis!! gorgeous is the word for you!

    Liked by 2 people

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