Afternoon Tea

Hi everyone! I just want to share with you how I’m spending my afternoon tea time. ❤︎ My sisters and I ate all the biscuits and I’m keeping the can because it’s sooooo pretty! I placed my tea in a jar sealed with a rubber ring to keep it fresh and clean. If you’re wondering what the flowers are, the white one is called Arctic Snow or White Angel flower. It grows easily in tropical countries like ours and is always in bloom no matter what time of the year. The bright red Euphorbia below is always charming. This is just one of more than 10 small Euphorbia pots I gave mom in 2008.

How do you spend your afternoons?
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Something grilled…

Preggy eats grilled fish! I love rice but for some reason, I don’t like it now that I’m pregnant. I still do sometimes because I know I need to but most days, I eat fruits first, enjoy grilled fish or meat and veggies, and wash it all down with freshly made iced tea (from TWG).

LaineyLovesLife-grilled-fish-2 LaineyLovesLife-grilled-fish-3 LaineyLovesLife-grilled-fish-4

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Little kicks

Lainey loves life - tea afternoon macarons colour doodle ultrasound sonograph

My first ultrasound scan | Hello baby! You make my life so colourful and you’re not even out yet!

I’m over the moon. God has blessed me with a gift and in an instant, I’ve changed. So this is what they call pregnancy and this is what they call mommy instinct. This is the elated feeling a woman gets bearing a baby. God, I’m so grateful for this wonderful feeling.

My eyes widen at every movement. My heart jumps at every kick. My whole being is just ecstatically happy with every thought of this little one inside me. In Biology class we discussed this many times but I never cared, and now I realise how this magical feeling is just so different from the neat description in science books. It’s amazing how God made a woman’s body capable of carrying an innocent soul. The process of baking the “bun in the oven” for nine months just sounds underrated. Not even a million words could define this inexplicable feeling, any mom would know. 

A woman doesn’t need to have a baby to become a mother and I am truly grateful for being given the great task of carrying this child until he or she is born into this world. God will breathe air into my baby’s body when it arrives and my family and friends will be there for the grand welcome. My life has changed and it will never ever be the same.

My only prayer is for my baby to be healthy. That’s all I’ve been praying for since the day I found out. I am not a perfect person but with God’s grace and guidance, I’ll strive to be a great mum to my child.

Baby, every day is a gift and I treasure every moment you’re inside me. My love for you is immeasurable and extremely bigger than anything I have given in my life. You and daddy are my strength and hope. To me, you are the ultimate proof of love.

I love you now…

…and I’ll love you more tomorrow.

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Natural Healing: Oregano for Colds and Cough

Lainey loves life - herbal medicine - oregano

Care for some tea?

I remember when we were young, our suburban home was so much bigger not by size but by perspective. Before our house was renovated, we lived in a bungalow surrounded with fruit-bearing trees, flowering plants, vegetable vines, root crops, and herbal medicines of all sorts. My sister May and I would mix and boil our own concoction of medicines and healthy drinks from grandma’s invisible receipe book, like fairies and nymphs in the garden. There’s always a natural elixir for every sickness and my grandma always said, “Before there were capsules and tablets, we only had leaves and roots and we are all very healthy.” My great grandfather Casimiro lived 105 healthy years (he died of old age, not of any disease) and my grandmother Rosalia lived 89 happy years. She died of old age too. Not that I’m against modern medicine. I have friends who are doctors and I myself always consult and follow my physicians’ advice but for simple colds and cough, before going to the pharmacy for some over the counter relief, our family always opt to try natural healing. My mom has been sneezing and this is what she takes: Oregano leaves. Yes, we have oregano plants at home 🙂

Oregano Herbal Medicine for Cough and Colds
  1. Pick 4 oregano leaves (5-6 if the leaves are small) and wash them thoroughly.
  2. Steam the leaves for 2-3 minutes and squeeze the leaves into a spoon, a small bowl or cup.
  3. Squeeze lemon, lime or calamansi on it (about a teaspoon is enough) and filter to remove the seed.
  4. Add a small amount of fresh honey (honey helps expel the phlegm).
  5. Take this 3x a day.
Oregano Tea for clogged nose
  1. Pick 3 oregano leaves (4 if the leaves are small) and wash them thoroughly.
  2. Pour boiling water onto your cup and add the oregano leaves.
  3. Squeeze lemon, lime or calamansi and…
  4. …add a teaspoon of honey.
  5. While your oregano tea is scalding hot, smell the steam coming from it. It will help relieve you of your clogged nose.
  6. Drink while still hot.

Although herbal medicines are naturally safe, please always consult your doctor first especially if you have other health conditions like if you’re pregnant, if you’re allergic to some food, or if you’re taking other medicines. I’ll be sharing more from my grandma’s recipe book… 🙂 P.S. I got the tea set, saucer and egg holder from TableArts – Tableware with Passion. They sell elegant hotel porcelain, glassware, cutlery and table accessories from Europe and US.

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