This is why I love NATURAL

Golden Globe Awards 2015

Smokey eyes + rosy pink or nude lips = goddess!
Natural look is still the best!

I especially loved the last Golden Globe Awards for their gold theme. During awards nights like this, it’s as if MUAs have this mutual understanding of what’s going to be the look of the night. Everyone seems to be thinking of the same style too. If they’ll slightly deviate, it’s never going to be the makeup, it’s always the dress that differs.

I anticipate events like this because I love looking at dresses and makeup. I used to work with luxury brands before and mind you, these celebrities really get a lot of gifts during the event. They usually receive a welcome box filled with expensive goodies we’re all dying to have, plus luxe services like in-room salon and spa treatments.

Now you know why they all look so fresh and pretty on the red carpet!

My plan is to give my bridesmaids a mini-golden globes treatment on the eve of my wedding day. I know 2017 is really far from today but I’m already pinning pegs on Pinterest. It’s so exciting!

We’re not celebs but we can definitely be like them. Only, we’ll have to ask our husbands to pay or we have to get it from our own pockets (let’s try option 1 and see if it works). Lol!

Who’s your all-time favourite red carpet celebrity?
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