Bright Pink to brighten up my day


I’ve been in and out of the hospital for tests and quite frankly, I’m exhausted! I’m not complaining though. My baby is growing too fast and I can’t wait to meet this little bub. I miss reading my friend’s blogs. I’ll be checking your pages and will catch up on everything that I missed.

In the meantime, I logged in today to share with you this lipstick I got a week ago at a mall sale. The brand Pinkies Collection is new to me but it was the first shade that caught my attention, probably because it’s quite close to neon. It stood out amidst the gazillion lippie shades on the rack.

The picture does not justify how bright it is and although it’s vivid, it doesn’t make me look like a wild Barbie (which is great). I’m using a lip primer so it stayed smooth all day long. I’m quite surprised that it doesn’t smudge easily too, considering how cheap I got this for.

In dollars, it’s equivalent to $3.75. That’s a steal!

Do you like pink lipstick too?
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27 thoughts on “Bright Pink to brighten up my day

  1. fowlalpha says:

    Is it the lipstick sale for the whole month of August? This is so cute! For awhile I thought it’s a foreign brand not until you mentioned it. Too bad I haven’t seen this one yet.
    Excited for your gender reveal! 🙂

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    • laineyloveslife says:

      Yes! The #smlipfie thing. I wanted to send a lip design but my preggy mood swings signalled that I need more sleep lol.

      There are other nice brands like Revlon, Makeup Forever..

      My gender reveal won’t be a big party as we initially planned because it’s happening on a weekday so it’s going to be just my family. 🙂 But I’ll take lotsa photos and will post them here..

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