The Ripple Effect

I received a message from Em, a fellow blogger, and she needs our help to make this project happen. I’m pro education for kids and I think it’s just right that we put the children back to classrooms. Here is an excerpt from Em’s proposal. Don’t forget to VOTE. I’ve included  the link at the bottom.

My idea is called The Ripple Effect. Essentially, my idea entails creating a minimalistic school curriculum that would take place early in the morning, or late at night, when the children didn’t have to go find work. The schooling would be basic, with one chalkboard, or one book, and one teacher that is at least high school educated. The hope would also be that in the refugee camp, there would be one person who could teach basic Turkish to the children as well. Closing the language gap for the children could also help to enroll some into the Turkish schools, giving the children a higher education. This minimalistic idea of having very few educational tools such as one chalkboard and several reading books makes this idea relatively inexpensive, and also fairly universal. If a group of children started to get together and learn to read from one book, learn basic math on one chalkboard, and possibly learn basic Turkish, that group could get bigger, and more groups could form, and groups could form in different refugee camps. The Ripple Effect would not only teach basic education, but it would bring children together and help them to piece to together and reform their culture…

Make this happen. Vote here:

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